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Information Resource

General Collection
These are volumes of textbooks and complementary books in the open shelves of the library. They are available for borrowing by the library users for a long period of time.

Reference Collection
The library keeps a wide range of reference materials that readers consult to obtain authoritative information. They include dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, commentaries, atlases, indices, directories and thesaurus.

Journals and Magazines Collection
The library acquires a wide range of print journals and Magazines through subscription and donation. The collection of academic journals gives our users a good base for research.

Reserve Collection
These are textbooks and solution manuals that are on high demand and are in few copies in the library. Reserve materials are normally placed on reserve by the lecturers in their respective subjects. They are either borrowed for a short time or consulted within the library.

Non-Book Material
The library has collection of non-print materials which include CD-ROMs, and video tapes. These can be borrowed or consulted within the library.

Internet Resources
The library offers internet services to students and staff.

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