Prof. Dr. Eng Livingstone Ngoo, PhD - Multimedia University of Kenya
Prof.Dr-Eng.Livingstone M. H. Ngoo
Prof.Dr-Eng.Livingstone M. H. Ngoo
AG. Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs, Research and Innovation
About Me
Dr. Livingstone M. H. Ngoo is a multifaceted professional with a distinguished career in electrical engineering, university administration, research, and education. Currently serving as the Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Research, and Innovation at Multimedia University of Kenya (MMU), Dr. Ngoo brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role.

Technical Prowess and Renewable Energy Advocacy

Dr. Ngoo holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Power Systems, specializing in automation using fuzzy logic techniques. His extensive experience encompasses designing, supervising, and commissioning electrical works and generators for diverse institutions. Passionate about renewable energy, Dr. Ngoo has played a pivotal role in advising and overseeing solar and wind power installations in rural and urban areas.

His dedication to sustainability is evident in his achievements at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology (JKUAT). Here, Dr. Ngoo developed a wind turbine to power the university show stand and even created a physical exercise machine that generates mobile phone charging power. He envisions the potential of renewable energy in agriculture, particularly for reducing post-harvest losses.

A Visionary Leader and Curriculum Developer

Dr. Ngoo leadership extends beyond technical expertise. He has held key administrative positions at JKUAT, Mombasa Polytechnic University College (MPUC), and MMU. As Department Chair at JKUAT, he initiated new Masters programs in Electrical Engineering.

He continued this focus on program development at MPUC, launching new degrees and contributing significantly to TVET and university curriculum design. During his tenure as Academic Registrar at MMU, Dr. Ngoo leadership led to the formulation of student affairs policies.

Research and Educational Acumen

Dr. Ngoo is an accomplished researcher, securing funding for projects like developing equipment for coconut product production at MPUC. His dedication to education is evident in his supervision of numerous Ph.D., Masters and undergraduate students. He has served as an External Examiner for various universities and currently holds this position at Kenyatta University.

Commitment to Education Administration and Community

Dr. Ngoo's dedication extends beyond universities. He has served as Chairman of the Board of Management for Dr. Aggrey High School and Chairman of the County Education Board in Taita Taveta County. Furthermore, his expertise has been invaluable to the Commission for University Education (CUE), where he serves as a Resource Person for Electrical and Electronic Engineering programs.


2002: Doctor of Philosophy (Power systems and its automation) 2002 Thesis: “Fuzzy dynamic load Analysis and Power System voltage Stability Studies”. Harbin Institute of Technology, Peoples’ Republic of China

1994: Master of Science (Control Engineering)

1994 Thesis Title “Modelling and Simulation of a farm tractor to determine safe operating angles”.

University of Regina, Canada 1986: Master of Science (Hons) (Farm Electrification)

1986 Thesis title “Electrification of MNUKA Co-operative factory (Kenya) with the working out of a Solar putting for intensive drying of coffee parchment”.

Moscow Agro-Engineering University (Former Moscow Institute of Agricultural Engineers, USSR)