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Njiru Nicholas Muriuki
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Education and Training

MSc. Computational Intelligence(UoN), Bsc. Computer Science(CUEA), Diploma in Computer Studies(KNEC), Professional Certifications: CICT(KASNEB), Big Data Engineer (IBM), HCIA-Artificial Intelligence(Huawei)

Research Interest

Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Machine Learning/Deep Learning and Big Data/Graph Networks


1) Namaswa, S., Njiru, N., Et Al. (2021) “Application of Data-Driven Discovery Machine Learning Algorithms in Predicting Geothermal Reservoir Temperature from Geophysical Resistivity Method”, Journal of Transactions on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, 9(4), pp. 1–12. doi: 10.14738/tmlai.94.10281.
2)Nicholas Njiru, Elisha Opiyo. Clustering and Visualizing the Status of Child Health in Kenya: A Data Mining Approach. International Journal of Social Science and Technology, Centre for Promoting Knowledge (CPK), UK, 2018, 3 (6).

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