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ICDL stands for International Computer Driving License: it is the international standard in digital skills certification.

Everyone uses technology for different reasons-which is why everyone has their own ICDL Profile.
ICDL profile is flexible-you can get certified in the skills your job or study requires. Just pick the modules best suited to you, take the test, and these will represent your ICDL Profile.

An ICDL Profile is for your life. You can build on it over time, as you update your skills, as technology evolves or when modules are developed.
Your ICDL Profile grows with you. It never expires, and will always be proof of your skills and lifelong learning

The programme offers a varied range of modules-from computer essentials to computer aided design. A single module covers the background, usage and best practices for that topic, which is then assessed by a test.

Each modules fits into one of the three categories depending on skills level Base, Standard and Advanced. These categories also represent the different stages of digital proficiency, and form the basis of our recommended profiles.


ICDL BASE PROFILE– Computer Essentials, Online Essentials, Word Processing, Spreadsheets.
ICDL STANDARD PROFILE-Computer Essentials, Online Essentials, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Image Editing, Web Editing.
ICDL EXPERT PROFILE-Advanced Databases, Advanced Spreadsheets, Advanced Word Processing.


1.CHOOSE YOUR PROFILE-Pick modules to suit your needs
2.IMPROVE YOUR SKILSS-Make your CV stand out with ICDL
3.BE PRODUCTIVE-Watch your efficiency soar as you work better and faster
4.STAY RELEVANT-Update your skills as technology changes
5.MEET THE GLOBAL STANDARD-Join the 13 million people worldwide who have chosen ICDL.

Recognition by the Government of Kenya

In November 2009 through a Kenya Gazette notice number 12070, the Minister for Information and Communication amended the Information and Communications Technology Sector Policy Guidelines to recognize ICDL as the entry level computer certification designed to demonstrate competence in computer use.

Training and Testing

MMU is an ICDL Training and Accredited Testing Centre (ATC ID No. KE000037). The training is delivered through blended learning. This means it is e-Learning based with supporting tutorials when the student meets the trainer face-to-face. The e-Learning platform gives the candidates flexibility, self-determined pace and convenience to study for ICDL as they pursue other disciplines at the University.

At the completion of training, the candidates may sit for the tests. Each Module is tested separately and each test lasts 45 minutes. The seven tests can be attempted in any order and at any time.


Ksh 34,000


The training is conducted at the modern computer laboratory within the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology (CIT). The testing is done at the ICDL Test Centre within the same faculty using Automated Testing Software (ATS).


Classes start every Monday of every week. Register Now

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