KCSE mean grade of C+ with a minimum grade of C+ in Chemistry/ Physical Science, Mathematics and in either Physics, Biology/ Biological Science or Geography or A-Level two principal passes and one subsidiary pass in the relevant subjects or relevant diploma from an institution approved by the University Senate

Chemical Industries require analytical chemists to help produce high quality products. These analytical chemists act as quality control and quality assurance agents to monitor and inspect the standards of these products. Bachelor of Science Analytical Chemistry provides a specialized approach with in-depth coverage of core techniques and methodologies needed for Chemical Analysis. It spans nearly all areas of Chemistry with a focus on the development of tools and methods for measurement of physical properties and the application of those techniques in qualitative and quantitative analyses.

Graduates of analytical chemistry can work in government departments, quality control laboratories, research and development, pharmaceutical industry, water purification industry, wastewater management industry, forensic science, process design and product development, instrumental design industry, cement industry, tanning industry, fertilizer industry, plastics industry, consumer industry, textile industry, dyes and paints industry, glass industry as well as pulp and paper industry.

The programme takes 4 years