Our Philosophy

The educational philosophy of the Multimedia University off Kenya is to endeavor to:

  1. Provide high quality and relevant academic and professional training to society, as well as human well-being.
  2. Provide the most adaptable and suitable means to improve the social, moral, economic and professional status of an individual being and the whole society.
  3. Link and correlate the relationship between education, knowledge, faith and reason as a matrix for enhancing better human interactions and society harmony.
  4. Develop modern trends that are fully dependent on emerging technologies and changing society norms.

 Our Vision

To be a leading University in training research, innovation and technology

Our Mission

To provide quality training, nurture a culture of research, innovation science and technology to meet aspiration of a dynamic society

Our Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Equity
  • Customer Focus
  • Scholarly Values

 Our Motto

Riding on Technology, Inspiring Innovation

Our Strategic Goals

The University has developed the Strategic goals that indicate the desired outcomes in addressing strategic issues, where each goal is a direct outcome of a strategic issue each of which is directly related to the Vision and Mission. Below is the list the strategic goals formulated in Chapter Four of the Strategic Plan.

  1. Provide quality University education and training.
  2. Use Research, Science, Technology & Innovation (RST&I) enterprise for economic prosperity and the improvement of the quality of life locally, nationally and internationally.
  3. Provision of adequate funding for development and Human resource capacity of the University.
  4. Establish University as a recognized brand name
  5. Increase/Improve access to University education
  6. To maintain and establish mutually beneficial linkages, collaborations and partnerships.