About The Research & Innovation Department

Welcome to the Department of Research & Innovation at Multimedia University of Kenya

The Department of Research & Innovation at Multimedia University of Kenya (MMU) is a hub for ground breaking ideas and scholarly pursuits. The department falls under the   Academic Affairs, Research & Innovation Division.

What we do:

  • Coordinate diverse research initiatives, from cutting-edge university projects to thought-provoking public lectures.
  • Organize dynamic conferences, workshops, and seminars to foster learning and exchange.
  • Spearhead impactful community service projects.
  • Champion collaboration across disciplines within MMU and beyond.

We go beyond coordination.

We are champions of knowledge advancement and innovation.

  • We secure funding to fuel intellectual curiosity and innovative spirit.
  • We support research projects from conception to impactful outcomes.

We foster a vibrant innovation ecosystem.

  • We establish and expand incubation centers, nurturing groundbreaking ideas.
  • We safeguard intellectual property rights, ensuring recognition for creators.
  • We publish research and use strategic marketing to solidify MMU’s reputation for research excellence and innovation.

Join us at the forefront of knowledge creation and innovation!